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Ashley aka "Bird"

From Wall Street Investment Banker to Entrepreneur: 

At 25, Ashley began learning how to run a successful business first-hand. Now she's ready to share all her tips and tricks as she continues to launch and grow new businesses for herself and her clients.

Where are you in your business journey?


“I’m not quite ready to launch, but want to prepare while I wait so that when the time comes, my foundation is strong. Where do I even start?"


“This is happening. Our launch date is set, but there are so many unanswered questions. Am I on the right path? What am I missing?”


“I’m a couple of years in and it’s time to grow, but I want to make sure we do this right, avoiding tough mistakes. How do I navigate all of this?”

Wherever you find yourself,

I'm here to help.

The Ready, Set, Launch checklist just may be the answer to your questions. With this guide, you'll feel more confident knowing you're on the right track. Grab your copy today!

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